CP Communications and Red House Streaming Studios Boosts Production Value for The Laugh Academy

The Laugh Academy’s “Humor in Hard Times” message and custom video content amplified through the studio’s dynamic studio sets, broadcast-quality workflow and streaming expertise

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St. Petersburg, Florida, May 25, 2021 — Red House Streaming, a CP Communications brand, continues to lure local and national talent seeking professional production and streaming services to its new Tampa-area studio. Nancy Weil, proprietor of The Laugh Academy, is the latest to call on Red House Streaming studios, leveraging its dynamic production sets, broadcast-quality workflow and experienced crew to produce custom videos for her clients.

Red House Streaming studios offers two adjacent 600-square-foot studios, virtual sets, and 5,000 feet of additional production space for content producers of any kind. The studio accommodates on-set talent who wish to live-stream productions or record content for later distribution. Red House Streaming studios is also equipped to support REMI at-home productions that originate from remote locations, strengthened by an onsite network operations center to monitor and manage all production and content delivery tasks.

A leading authority on the relationship between humor and grief, the Tampa-based Weil turned to Red House Streaming studios to bring her customized, content-rich lectures, programs and seminars to clients that could no longer see her on the road. “COVID-19 put an immediate halt to my live speaking engagements,” said Weil. “I went from being a road warrior traveling at least two weeks a month to being home 24/7.”

A Certified Laughter Leader, Weil soon discovered that the funeral homes, hospice groups and conferences that regularly called on her talents still had a thirst for her unique services. She began offering virtual events through standard conferencing software platforms, but found the results mixed and the limitations frustrating.

“There are so many peculiarities when presenting over a virtual stream, from general video and audio glitches to incorrect meeting links to complete loss of internet connectivity,” she said. “I wanted to present as a professional speaker, and offer a pleasant and consistent experience for my clients. I saw a local news story about Red House Streaming studios, and they seemed to be the right production partner to help me manage these production dynamics that I could not guarantee on my own.”

Weil started shooting in the studio in March, pre-recording her custom programs for each client. Red House Streaming studios shoots and post-produces each video, using Panasonic 4K cameras, NDI networking and Adobe Premier Pro editing as essential workflow components. The videos are subsequently delivered to clients direct and shared on Weil’s Vimeo account, with select clips expected to post to her website, https://thelaughacademy.com, in the coming weeks.

Weil finds that beyond the studio’s overall professional production value, the crew’s technical experience and problem-solving expertise has elevated her “Laughter Hits Home” vision to unexpected levels.

“With Red House Streaming studios, every project can now be fully unique,” she said. “We load special graphics and create virtual sets specific to each program and client. We frame each shot to ensure the background is perfect for each segment. Props are essential to what we do at The Laugh Academy, and they can accommodate anything I bring onto the set as a part of each program. I can monitor what is happening on displays around the studio to ensure everything is going exactly as planned. On top of everything else, the service is surprisingly affordable, with excellent technical support as needed. The quality of the content my clients receive is absolutely worth the fees I pay.”

Weil’s experiences to date have been so exceptional that she is now planning live streams with the Red House Streaming studios team. She plans to continue using the studios after she eventually returns to the road.

“Whether on the road or streaming live from Red House Streaming studios, we are diversifying how we bring our positive message to clients,” said Weil. “We focus on bringing information that can change lives in both positive and entertaining ways, and Red House Streaming studios has empowered us with new ways to help our clients move through stress and grief with laughter.”