CP Communications Moves into OTT Delivery with StreamViral Partnership

St. Petersburg, Florida, March 29, 2022 CP Communications continues to advance its Red House Streaming subsidiary with new OTT platforms that further differentiates the company’s portfolio of production and delivery services. As the enduring expert in content acquisition and mobile production for sports and live events, CP Communications launched Red House Streaming to provide an IP and bonded cellular alternative to its traditional RF business for event coverage and production. The move changed the game by making production costs and labor affordable and reliable for an entirely new subset of end customers.

Last year, CP added a curve ball to its pitch rotation with the launch of Red House Streaming Studios, a full-service production studio at its Florida headquarters built for remote (REMI) and in-studio TV production. Earlier this year, the company launched The Sarina Fazan Network, its first streaming network. Now the company blazes a new trail with a Red House Streaming partnership that brings white-labeled OTT channel opportunities to its entire customer base.

Enter StreamViral, an OTT platform provider that specializes in bringing minor league sports teams, federations, and niche sports to viewers online, providing a fan engagement experience that previously would have been cost-prohibitive. StreamViral creates customized OTT channels where live and on-demand content is distributed direct to consumers watching on connected platforms. For CP Communications, it means adding a valuable service that continues to move Red House Streaming into new territory, beginning with OTT services for sports organizations – offering a highly engaging and reliable OTT delivery service for broadcast.

“Red House Streaming is the only business of its kind to offer glass-to-glass production, which means acquiring the signal on location with our own camera systems and streaming them to our own production control and network operations center at Red House Streaming Studios,” said Kurt Heitmann, CEO, CP Communications. “With StreamViral, we can now take those signals beyond the glass, providing our customers with white-labeled OTT channels and services sent direct to their audiences. It means that our customers can truly start and finish with us. No one else can provide that breadth of services today.”

StreamViral sought out a partnership with CP Communications due to a shared love of the sports production market. CP Communications annually covers many of the biggest events in professional sports, while StreamViral has its sights on the underserved minor leagues, for example. By partnering with CP, StreamViral has access to the technical sports production experts, truck fleet and professional studio environment that CP and Red House Streaming have offered to its sports and broadcast clients for 30 years. For CP, it is an opportunity to add a cutting-edge service that makes them truly unique to their competitors that haven’t quite moved on from traditional mobile production.

“Many of the minor leagues, grassroot sports and college games are seeing an increase in demand for viewing and are looking at more fan engagement initiatives,” said Heitmann. “With StreamViral, we can now offer a platform that provides a genuine opportunity to monetize their content and continue to evolve our services. The old days are not coming back, and we are embracing the future of broadcast.”

Red House Streaming and StreamViral share another common trait: The adoption of cloud services to amplify their value propositions. In between the camera and studio, CP Communications has launched new platforms to transport and monitor live-produced content in the cloud, providing an extra layer of quality assurance prior to streaming live and on-demand content to consumers. StreamViral also utilizes cloud-based platforms and delivery mechanisms broadcasters use for playout platforms, making it extremely reliable, affordable, and highly scalable for service subscribers.

“StreamViral has grown quickly, and we are thrilled to partner with CP Communications to take the OTT revolution for sports into exciting new places,” said Mark Andrews, Chief Operating Officer, StreamViral. “Together we will offer innovative services and implementations that changes the broadcast landscape for all sports customers large and small. Together as partners we will combine our expertise to offer services built on proven and highly dependable cloud platforms with an array of different live and VOD services. We are excited at the prospect of disrupting the OTT market for sports in the United States jointly with CP Communications.”

About StreamViral

Based in the UK and supporting global customers, StreamViral offer the most comprehensive Over-The-Top (OTT) as a service video-streaming platform for sports leagues and federations. Their end-to-end white-label solutions are ideally placed to offer live streaming, video-on demand (VOD), encoding, user management, content protection and delivery services. The platform can be customized for branded apps. Their solutions are built on our powerful media cloud platforms, which provides unrivalled flexibility and power across the entire delivery workflow. Contact Stream Viral at support@streamviral.video for additional information. About CP Communications For more than three decades, CP Communications has provided high-quality, cost-effective live event production solutions to major broadcasters, sports leagues and teams, and event and production companies. Our solutions include access to experienced professionals, state of the art equipment, and innovative technologies and techniques for wireless audio & video content acquisition, transport and delivery. Our culture of innovation, coupled with the highest quality assurance standards and passion for customer service, promote collaboration with our clients to determine the best custom solution for each live event.